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the "MUST-ATTEND" Course Creator Summit of 2022
What if you could earn more from your online course, and see consistent course sales each month...
....without an overcomplicated marketing system?
Whether you are starting your course business from scratch or looking to scale from 6-7 figures...the profitable course creator summit is for you!

Join 30+ experts to achieve your course creation goals in 2021
This summit is starting soon...
January 10 - 14, 2022
...the key components you need inside of your course to make it a high-converting offer. to get your course in front of more people to leave a legacy that you can feel incredibly proud of?

...the secrets to consistent sales while ditching the course launch rollercoaster.

...the must-have next step AFTER you have a course created because you've got big dreams and how fast can only offering a $27 course get you there? Miss this part and you could be left only breaking even.
Now is the time YOU get to discover The secrets of Successful Course Creators with the Profitable Course Creator Summit.
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Jenna Dancy

How to Use Messenger Marketing as a Heart Centered Course Creator to Achieve More Sales

Allie Bjerk

How to Play Big with Tiny Digital Course Offers

Rose Guthrie

Leverage Promoted Pins to Increase Traffic, Leads & Sales

Amber McCue

How your CEO Mindset Can take you from Zero to Millions

Kelsey Chapman

From Course Creator To Published Author

Keisha Frazier

Healing Your Way to Business Success

Sarah + Justin

 How to Leverage Workshops as a Lead Generating Strategy for Higher Ticket Offers

Krista Miller

How to Launch Your Course with a Virtual Summit

Jamie Atkinson

The Podcast Monetization Formula

Melissa Ricker

Facebook Group Conversion Specialist

Eden Fried

How To Turn Your Leads Into Instant Customers with a Low Cost Tripwire Product

Tai Goodwin

From Quiz to Course: How to Boost Your Course Sales with a Simple Quiz

Kate Doster

Slashing Your Refund Rate & Doubling Student Success with a Toe-Curling Buyer Series

Tracy Phillips 

Tapping into the Power of Video to Launch and Sell Your Course

Jenny Hansen Lane

Gamification Secrets: Why Gamifying Your Business Increases Revenue

 Jessica Santise

How to use GIFs to create an unforgettable sales page that transforms on the fence browsers into satisfied buyers

Sue Howard

Turn Your Funnel into a Conversion Factory

Shay Hrobsky

The 3 Things To Grow Your Audience with Facebook Ads

Jenny Hansen Lane

Generating Multiple SLOs (or Entry Points) into Your Business

Jessica Rodriguez

How to Guarantee the Success of Your Online Course (Before You Create a Single Outline or Module)

Sue Howard

Spark Buyers' Desire With Data Driven Funnels

Carolin Serena

How to run a killer challenge that fills your courses

Liz Wilcox

Mic Drop: How I got 100% conversion rate on my first course launch

Precious Rodgers

3 Things You Should Have In Place Before Marketing On Pinterest

Karrie Chariton

Organic Pinterest Strategies to Maximize Your Sales for Course Creators 

Emily Walker

How to Create a Powerful & Profitable Course (that actually gets results!)

Erin E Perkins

How to Make Successible Content

Amy Jo

How to Sell Your Course With Mini-Events 

Ashleigh Peregoy

Pace to Profit using FB Ads 

Tara Reid

How to Market Your Course as an Introvert

Elli Runkles

Write A Sales Page For Your Course That Sells

Melissa Lanz

Making Money While You Sleep. A simple guide to recurring revenue.

Layne Lyons

How to Protect Your Unique Content as a Course Creator

Stirling Gardner

Live Launches: The Ultimate Conversion Tool

Nicole Harlow

 Course Branding Mastery: Harness the Power of Branding to Magnetize the Right Students & Deliver an Upleveled Experience 

Klara Cu

The Ultimate Video Roadmap for Solopreneurs

Jessica Rodriguez

How to Simplify + Scale the Sales of Your Online Course

Caroline Yuki

 How to generate 10 streams of income from one program 

Marta Ostoja

How to double your online course sales with Instagram

Jessica Rodriguez

How to Simplify + Scale the Sales of Your Online Course

Caroline Yuki

 How to generate 10 streams of income from one program 

Marta Ostoja

How to double your online course sales with Instagram

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the truth is...
When the whole world seems to be changing, self-education is booming and a multi-billion dollar industry.

It's time you take your life experience and education to create a high-converting digital course asset to help you bring in more leads and sales into your business on autopilot.

Whether you are looking to create an online course for the first time or know you could be impacting more lives if you could JUST make more sales of your current course, then the Profitable Course Creator Summit is for you.
The good news don't have to go it alone. Join us for the profitable course creator summit and get access to 30+ Presentations from experienced course's free!
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All About Content + Launches that Convert
Get expert advice on crafting an email welcome series that sells your course, training on how to create scroll-stopping GIFs that make your offer stand out, Canva and email templates for your launch, the number one thing to do before you even record your first video to guarantee course sales success, and so much more!
Organic Traffic Strategies to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck
Yes, you can attract and convert your ideal customers without spending a fortune on paid ads! Leverage these organic marketing and traffic generating strategies to validate your course idea, drive more buyers to your sales page, and convert browsers into buyers.
Leveraging Your List + Paid Traffic Strategies
We will take the guesswork out of driving paid traffic to your course sales page, so that you can enroll more students into your online course. Whether you're looking for a Facebook ads strategy, Pinterest plan, you'll discovery a way to market your course that feels authentic to you.
Next Level Growth Strategies for Advanced Course Creators
Need benchmarks to know if your course or offer is converting as well as it should? Want a strategy to promote multiple courses or self-liquidating offers to your audience? Struggling with the next step of your value ladder (i.e. what to sell after your course) to add more revenue into your business? On Day 3, we'll cover all of this and more!
What are you waiting for? 
Hi, I'm Jenna Dancy.

I’ve spent over $68,101.18 on trainings (and costly mistakes) before I uncovered the steps to running a profitable online course.

All the trainings seemed to promise that I would create a course and overnight I would become the newest millionaire made online.

Then I created my course and launched to crickets.

I felt like a total failure because it seemed like everywhere I looked online business owners were having 6-figure course launches - yet I was struggling to enroll a few new students into my $47 course each month.

Then I realized, there’s a lot more to running a profitable online course than just CREATING your course.

BUT...all of these topics would typically require buying dozens of different online courses, spending hours consuming training materials, or hiring experts to do it for you, like I did. 

That's exactly why I've put together the Profitable Course Creator Summit for you.

All of these topics would typically require buying dozens of different online courses and spending hours consuming training materials, like I did. 
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